This endpoint uses the same authentication scheme as the rest of our API. The public API key used by the widget will not work for this endpoint.

This endpoint provides an extra layer of protection by confirming that the email you received was verified by NeverBounce. In most use cases the widget on its own provides enough protection against bad emails. However, an advanced user can disable or modify the script, as is the case with any client-side script. If you have control over the server-side script that processes the form request you can use this endpoint to confirm that the email supplied was verified.

Every verification performed by the widget is accompanied by a "transaction id" and "confirmation token". These are both accessible from the Result Object and in the form as the nb-transaction-id and nb-confirmation-token fields. These two parameters can be passed to this endpoint alongside the email that was submitted to confirm if this is the same email we verified or not.

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