API keys are sensitive and give access to the data in your account as well as access to verify emails. Only trusted sources should be given access to these keys to protect your account. If you suspect a key has been compromised reset the key immediately from the corresponding app's dashboard page.

Version 4 of our API simplifies the authentication schema by using static API keys that look like this: secret_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. To get an API key log into your account and create a new Custom Integration App. After creation, you'll be taken to the overview page where you'll find you're newly created API key.


Custom Integration overview page

If for some reason you need to revoke or change the key, click "reset the API Key" in the the API key section.

You can authenticate your requests by including this API key as the key parameter in the request's query string. See the below samples for examples doing this.


The API username and secret key used to authenticate V3 API requests will not work to authenticate V4 API requests. If you are attempting to authenticate your request with the 8 character username or 12-16 character secret key the request will return an auth_failure error. The API key used for the V4 API will look like the following: secret_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. To create new V4 API credentials please go here.

# Key present in request URI
curl -X GET 'https://api.neverbounce.com/v4/account/info?key=secret_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

# Key in body of application/x-www-form-urlencoded request
curl -X POST https://api.neverbounce.com/v4/account/info \
	-d key=secret_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
# Key in body of application/json request
curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json"\
	https://api.neverbounce.com/v4/account/info \
	-d '{"key":"secret_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"}'

// Specify API key and wrapper handles
// query string constrcution
// Initialize NeverBounce client with API key
const client = new NeverBounce({apiKey: 'secret_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'});
import neverbounce_sdk

# Create sdk client with API key
client = neverbounce_sdk.client(api_key='secret_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx')
// Instantiate wrapper with API key
client := neverbounce.New("secret_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx")
# Instantiate API client
client = NeverBounce::API::Client.new(api_key: "secret_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx")
// Create new NeverBounceSdk instance using api key
var sdk = new NeverBounceSdk("secret_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx");
// Instantiate NeverbounceClient
NeverbounceClient neverbounceClient = NeverbounceClientFactory.create("secret_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx");