This object is what handles the requests to the NeverBounce API. It can be accessed in the browser at window._nb.api.

getValidatePublic(email, successCallback, errorCallback)

This method performs a verification request directly. It accepts a single email as well as two callbacks. The first callback is called on a successful request and contains a Result Object as the first argument. The second callback is called when an error is encountered and will contain the error message as a string.

_nb.api.getValidatePublic('[email protected]',
    function(result) {
        // Returns a Result object
    function(err) {
        // Returns error message as string


This method can be used to report back to the API what the status of the form is. These events are used to create the reports available on the widget's overview page.

The only events currently supported are form.load and form.completion. Abandoned forms are calculated from the difference between form.load and form.completion events.

// Send form load event

// Send form completion event