Job callbacks allow your application to react to status changes to your NeverBounce jobs. During job creation you can specify a URL for us to send these callbacks to with the callback_url. You can also supply an array of request headers to send along with the callback in the callback_headers parameter.

The callbacks will be sent as a POST request with a JSON payload that contains an event and job_id. An example of the payload can be seen below.


Below is a list of the events that callbacks will be fired for.

job_deletedJob is no longer available for verification or download
job_failedJob has failed is unable able to run, check failure reason in /status.
job_parsing_finishedJob has completed the indexing phase.
If it the creation request used the auto_start parameter it will start momentarily; otherwise the job is now available to be started.
job_parsing_startedJob has begun it's indexing phase.
job_review_completedJob has been released from it's manual review.
job_run_finishedJob has completed verification and results will be available for download via the /download or /results endpoint.
job_run_startedJob has begun the verification process. You can check the progress using the /status endpoint.
job_sample_finishedJob has finished the free analysis. You can check the stats using the /status endpoint.
job_sample_startedJob has begun it's free analysis.
job_stats_updatedJob has updated it's stats, they are available via the /status endpoint. This event will be sent frequently while a job is running.