Job Status

Job status will indicate what stage the job is currently in. This will be the primary property you'll want to check to determine what can be done with the job.

under_reviewThe job has fallen into our Q/A review and requires action on our end. Read more...
queuedThe job has been queued, this is because we're either too busy or you have too many active jobs.
failedThe job failed, typically this is due to poorly formatted data.
completeThe job has completed verification and the results are ready for download.
runningThe job is currently either running a sample or full verification.
parsingThe job has been received and we are parsing the data for emails and duplicate records.
waitingThe job has not yet run and is waiting to be started.
waiting_analyzedThe job has completed analysis and is waiting for further action.
uploadingThe job is currently being uploaded to the system.


There are several items in the total object that give you an overview of verification results. These numbers are updated periodically during the verification process. Most of these properties correspond directly with the verification result codes; the other properties are explained below.

recordsThe number of rows we found in your file. This may include whitespace, empty rows, and other rows that don't contain syntactically correct emails.
billableThe number of rows we found syntactically correct emails in. This is number of credits processing this job will consume.
processedThe total number of emails that have been processed so far.
duplicatesThe number of rows that contain duplicated emails. This is not the number of unique duplicates but the total of every instance.
bad_syntaxThe number of records that do not contain data that looks like an email. This may include whitespace and empty rows as well as bad data.

Bounce Estimate

This property indicates the bounce rate we estimate the list to bounce at if sent to in its entirety. The value of this property will be a float between 0.0 and 100.0.

Percent Complete

This property indicates the overall progress of this job's verification. The value of this property will be a float between 0.0 and 100.0.

Failure Reasons

Failure ReasonDescription
unknown_file_encodingWe were un-able to detect this file's encoding type. Please re-save your file choosing UTF-8 encoding for best results.
empty_fileWe were unable to parse the file. Please add some data to the file and try again.
file_too_largeWe were unable to parse the file. Please split your file in smaller chunks and try again.
file_corruptThis file appears to be corrupt, please try re-saving the original file or contact support for further assistance.
null (empty)Unknown failure, please try resubmitting the job and contact support if the issue persists.
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